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(PRWEB) November 10, 1999

GoAce.com Announces the Release of

ACE Talking Jokes & Quotes

Click on a joke, or famous quote from the ACE database and watch small pop-up cartoon characters entertain and educate you.

Customize what they say and how they move and speak.

SAN DIEGO – November 1, 1999 – GoAce.com announced its newest release, ACE Talking Jokes & Quotes, which features Microsoft Agent animated cartoon characters that pop-up on the screen and recite hilarious jokes, and famous quotes. In addition, TJ&Q proof reads your letters, tests your vocabulary, helps your children study for tests, reminds you to be on time for important events, and announces the time by reading the message you want on    the half hour. Talking Jokes & Quotes can be downloaded from the ACE website at no charge – www.goace.com

It’s easy to customize the movements and speech patterns of the nine animated Microsoft Agent cartoon characters. You can make them smile, look sad, uncertain, surprised, etc., and modify their speech characteristics, which include voice inflections, pauses, pitches and speed changes. Excite your creative juices with the challenging game of making your favorite cartoon character read, and act out quotes and jokes in your own style.

Email your customized jokes to friends and win prize money by submitting them to the ACE website. After you download the best new jokes, (quotes, vocabulary tests, trivia questions, spelling tests, etc.) from the ACE website, Talking Jokes & Quotes automatically appends them into your extensive database. Did you forget the great jokes you heard yesterday? Now you have a place to keep them. (Includes password protection so children cannot read adult jokes, or children can hide adult jokes from their parents.)

In addition to an endless supply of jokes, you can listen to famous quotes from Shakespeare, Dickens, Mark Twain, and the sage of sages, Yogi Berra. These quotes are sure to add to your knowledge and you can impress your friends by repeating these pearls of wisdom. How many famous quotes do you know? It’s easy to test yourself and your children. For example, who wrote? “Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look. He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous.” Yes, Shakespeare, but from what play were these famous words uttered? (Julius Caesar).

Not only is Talking Jokes & Quotes entertaining and educational, but it also has a very practical use.

Students and business people will love Talking Jokes & Quotes, because it is a useful business tool and study aid. Tired of proof reading that letter over and over? If you hear a letter or article read to you, it’s easier to find omitted words and poor sentence structure. So sit back, relax, and take a sip of coffee, while the cartoon character reads your letter, book report, or essay.

Students can use Talking Jokes & Quotes to learn spelling, vocabulary, and study for that important history test. They are sure to absorb more when they listen to the character repeatedly ask a question, and then give the answer.

In addition to reading jokes and quotes, Talking Jokes & Quotes functions as an alarm clock, but in a far more entertaining manner. A cartoon figure pops up on the screen and reads the reminder, which the user typed into the message line. Never again forget to run an errand, make a call, or be late for an appointment.

ACE JF&Q is similar to a classic grandfather clock, in that, instead of

chiming on the hour, the cartoon character pops up, reads your message,

and announces the time: every 15 minutes, half hour, or hour. Again, you have a chance to build your self-esteem by customizing it to say, “Dudette, it looks like another good hair day, you’re looking better every minute, the time is 12 noon.”

Talking Jokes & Quotes reads only what you type, so you can build your self-confidence everyday, every hour, or if you really are desperate, every five minutes. Just like a lovable pet, the cartoon characters will become your faithful computer companion.

Talking Jokes & Quotes is free on the ACE web site www.goace.com and a Free CD is available with all the ACE programs (there is a shipping and handling charge). Another GoAce.com program, ACE Talking Email, will be released next month.

Designed to work on Windows 95, 98 & NT (with a CE version due out shortly), Talking Jokes & Quotes will also minimize to the system tray and will pop up on the screen at the scheduled time. ACE is year 2000 compliant. The recommended environment is 8 MB of RAM, 10 MB of hard disk space, and an IBM or IBM clone computer.

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