10/28/08 PET Results and 1 Year in Remission


PET Scan Results are good.

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25 comments on “10/28/08 PET Results and 1 Year in Remission

  1. Thanks Bean. I can still taste it every time I think of it 😉

  2. Thanks timm. the taste is hard to describe. Its a little chalky and almost has a metallic taste to it. They have several different choices in flavors, but the flavors do little to mask the taste.

  3. Thanks for the support! I will keep plugging away!

  4. From what I observed from other patients in the cancer center, yes, attitude always helps. Usually the folks who throw in the towel do not always fair as well.

  5. Your right on. Cancer is something I will have to keep an eye out for from here on out.

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