3 Important Benefits of Installing Automatic Pet Door

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An automatic pet door is designed to give freedom and independence to your pet. They are designed differently for pets and for different placements.

Chance of burglars and unauthorized animals to enter the house using pet doors are eliminated since these doors automatically opens only when it reads the sensor coming from the pet’s collar.

It also helps minimize the work for pet owner’s to get their pet in or out of the house since the door works automatic.

How does an automatic pet door work?

These doors rely on the sensors attached at the pet’s collar. When the pet is near the door, it will sense the collar and immediately unlocks so the pet can enter or go outside the house. The infrared sensors are very sensitive and react rapidly.

Compared to dog door flaps, they guarantee the immediate entry for your pets alone. Pet door flaps are open to wild and stray animals since this door has no access control.

For sliding automatic pet door, it slides up into the frame of the door when the pet approaches and then slides back into place and locks when the pet is gone.

It works on a rope and pulley system, so there is no force when the door comes down.

Other animal entrance doors senses infrared sensors attached at the collar tags worn by your pet animal. Some pet wear a small collar with identification tag, which is the one sensed by the door to unlock.

There is a pet door made from truly motorized panels that goes up and down when your pet draws near it.  It guarantees the house owner of being skunk, raccoon and possum free.

Things to consider before placing an automatic pet door in your home:

1. Know where you want to place your automatic pet door. Pet doors can be installed at the garage door, patio, porch, wall, and window. Designs of the door will be dependent on where you will put your dog door.

2. Type of pet you own. The size of your pet dog door will depend on the size of your pet. Whether you own a cat or dog, they still come in different sizes because of their breeds.

In such cases, select the correct door size based on your pet’s measurements and weight.

3. Is your pet an outdoor or an indoor pet? This is important since automatic pet doors are mostly one-directional. They are made to keep pets safe by blocking the contact to the door.

It means that once the pet comes in the door, it cannot go out again. Bi-directional doors are made for two directional accesses and rely on the sensors attached from the pet’s collar.

Pets cannot talk about what they need. It is that mutual understanding between the owner and his pet that these needs are being met.

To both benefit the pet and the pet owner, automatic pet doors are made to give freedom to pets while lessening stress to pet owners who had a busy day

in work. In a household, these doors contribute a harmonious relationship between the owner and his pet animal.

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