5000 Subs Earthquake New York 3.9 DNA RFID chip Climate impacts. infopowerment USA THANKS


Russian Scientist Tries to Recreate the Ice Age www.youtube.com Radio Show www.blogtalkradio.com believersunderground.whynotnews.eu Global infopowerment project John at EXOMATRlXTV infopowerment.whynotnews.eu reverse aging in mice health.usnews.com Explained Freeze Sinking Ireland United Kingdom Glasgow infopowerment USA to UK www.youtube.com EXPLAINED Flooding Earthquakes Planes Crashing Ocean Sinking, Death Volcano Push, PGR www.youtube.com Muddy Hell – Indonesia www.youtube.com Mud Volcano creates new Island along Balochistan coast www.youtube.com BBC News Report Climate Security 2030 Report!!! out of Washington DC MUST SEE www.youtube.com Airplanes Crash Skyquakes NASA FACT! Moon Will Go! Post Glacial Rebound & More info www.youtube.com PGR 101 (Post Glacial Rebound)(Isostasy) – 3 – Larry King www.youtube.com
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25 comments on “5000 Subs Earthquake New York 3.9 DNA RFID chip Climate impacts. infopowerment USA THANKS

  1. believersunderground

    @owlwoman911 N. Dakota has one of the CERN projects DUSEL I have it in one of my vids. Underground housing for the rich made last year. Program Atlas is there. 1 1/2 miles underground. Love scott (BUG)

  2. believersunderground

    @Brwneydgrl69 it’s what we do. Love and truth! thanks I Love you too. :>) Love Scott (BUG)

  3. believersunderground

    @escape4x4123 blessing back to you too. deep within a heart of a man is a well spring of knowledge. But it takes a man of understanding to draw it out. Pro. 20. definition for understanding Job 28:28. we have both. I glad that I’m able to be a blessing for you, and all that are called & chosen by God. He does the picking and choosing. Thank God He does it. hahaha or we would be screwed Love Scott (BUG)

  4. believersunderground

    @mindrapeart Honors for this video (9)
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    Love Scott (BUG)

  5. believersunderground

    @CuteCatFaith thanks. yet I don’t get into the psychic thing. you probably have a strong connection subconsciously with this time, and it gives you discernment . a lot of people think there psychic. yet it’s just a title, and it gets used poorly. If you found my channel it was not by chance. I will check your sight out. Love Scott (BUG)

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