6 Ferret Behaviors ? Understanding Their Secret Language

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Ferrets can be the wackiest animals due to their funny antics and behavior. They will never fail to make you laugh or even a snicker. Here are some of their behaviors worth noting.

Tail Wagging

This behavior is made only by some male ferrets which have a more dominant, aggressive and mischievous personality. They do this when it is having a good time running after another ferret. When it has already cornered its playmate, there you’ll see its tail wagging really fast.  Now, talk about getting excited!  So, when you see your ferret in this zesty mood, answer his challenge by scratching or thumping at the other end of the tube.1Bring it on!

Running into Things

Ferrets don’t see very well but their sense of smell help them in finding their way. However, there will be times when you’ll see them bumping into things especially walls. Because of this, be cautious when playing with them. Do not play on a balcony or a patio or anywhere they may fall. If you have an open balcony on second floor, cover the areas which the ferret can access. Despite their poor eyesight, some ferrets can see red, black and white. 2


They sneeze because they sniff everything around, below and above them. Remember that ferrets have poor eyesight. That’s why they use their sense of smell more often. This means, they sniff anything that may cause them to sneeze such as dust. However, be wary of a runny nose or lethargy because if this is the case, go to the vet to avoid making it worse with coughing or thick mucus discharge. 3


Yes, they steal your heart but they also steal anything that they can put their hands on. They will take your jewelry, watches, keys, food and anything else that catches their attention. Worse, they’ll hide it in places where you may never see them again. 4 What’s the reason behind this behavior? For your ferret, anything is a toy. Their curiosity gets the best of them.


By now, you should now that ferrets love to play. Chasing is just one of the things they love when they want to play with you or other pets. When your ferrets start jumping back and forth in front of you or tugs your pants, you’ll know they want to play. Give them what they want by getting down on your knees and chase him around. 5 You’ll tire easier than them but you’ll have fun, too.

Obsession with objects

They will get insane on a certain object for no apparent reason. They won’t stop until they get their “object of desire” and when they get it, they’ll hide somewhere. After a couple of days, they will get it from its hiding place and hide it in a new hiding place.6 If you’ll just allow them to have the object their obsessing about, you’ll be giving then a huge favor. Aren’t they the funniest?


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