8. Swine Flu SAFE ZONE in the Northern Territory

Pittman & Davis

I just uploaded this to the wrong youtube channel so here it is on the right one, JEZZILLATUBE!!!
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8 comments on “8. Swine Flu SAFE ZONE in the Northern Territory

  1. steviehasachannel

    haha you cheered me up. and your whitness never ceases to amaze me. i want to come back to darwin… so im off to sail off the edge of the earth.

  2. Awesome! So did you find captain Barbosa?

  3. steviehasachannel

    no i think i went off the wrong side of the earth. i just ended back in adeliade……

  4. you are hot but you are a deadshit

  5. steviehasachannel

    and your and arse

  6. TodayIsChanging

    I can see the excitiment in your eyes, its true, and im shit at geography, but honestly an awesome event, and im gonna ask can u post more plz, With bass or the trpilejunearthed gigs? and u didn’t mention koala’s???

  7. haha chick you are awesome. made me laugh so much, one of my fav clips .

    bass in the grass was awesome! ….. but where was hiltop 🙁

  8. Thanks 🙂 I don’t think they came that year.

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