A trip to the pet shelter, adoption First


This is a video of our trip to a pet shelter where we just adopted our 2nd cat Joy. We also visited with the other cats and brought them homemade toys. I’m hoping it will bring awareness, and perhaps encourage somebody else to let a furry friend come into their life.
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8 comments on “A trip to the pet shelter, adoption First

  1. AmericanWebkinzBros

    Cute!!! I love the one at 1:37.

  2. AmericanWebkinzBros

    And the one at 2:57.

  3. sunshine44451


  4. Cute

  5. withnoregards

    What is the music and can i get a copy of it?

  6. I have two cats myself and I believe cats are better kept in pairs. Seems they are happier that way, they have a buddy to keep they occupied while I’m away. Great video, looks like a great shelter too.

  7. kitkitridge98

    I have a cat from the animal shelter named alexzander. that’s so nice for donateing toys! I bet alex would appreciated it!

  8. SOOO CUTE!!! 🙂

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