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Visit www.About-Birds.info for more information on the great hobby of bird watching. Bird watching hummingbirds up close at BC Ferries’ Saltery Bay terminal. The hummingbirds have been getting fed and returning to this location on a regular basis for over thirty years.

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11 comments on “About-Birds.info — Bird Watching – Hummingbirds Up Close

  1. They are soooooooo sweet!

  2. Sharp looking male Rufous …my favorite

  3. This is really amazing!

  4. This is so cool… I never seen so many in one place before… Thanks for sharing

  5. westviewhomeandyard

    Thanks for commenting. It is pretty amazing to see.

  6. Nice video! I’ve never seen them get along with one another like that. Where I live in S.C. , they fight over the feeder.

  7. westviewhomeandyard

    Oh they fight here, too, but they seem to get along most of the time. They are very entertaining.

  8. i have one
    i have 4 days with it

    he drinks sugar with water

  9. What brand and style is that feeder ?

  10. Thanks for sharing. Take a look at mine for something different you can do.

  11. thomashcooper2001

    very cool ,thanks for sharing

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