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Pet Warehouse Direct offers online pet supplies, online cat supplies, online dog supplies, online bird supplies, online fish supplies and online reptile supplies. Pet Warehouse Direct has pet containment supplies for cats and dogs, including cat crates, dog crates and pet cages. Our online dog supplies store offers dog containment systems, including underground pet fences, wireless dog fences and the new WiFi dog fence. We have a great assortment of collars: designer, leather, as well as dog shock collars and bark collars. For all of your pet supply needs please consider us. We are online, easy to find and truly appreciate your business. Our Online Pet Supplies Store uses full featured shopping technology for your pet supplies shopping convenience and safety. The Pet Warehouse Direct customer service staff is always ready to assist.

Dog Supplies – WiFi Wireless Dog Fence, Electronic Dog Fences, Bark Collars and Dog Training Shock Collars featuring Perimeter and Petsafe

Pet Warehouse Direct dog supplies is your source for electronic dog fences and pet fences. We offer both Perimeter and Petsafe underground pet fences and Petsafe wireless dog fences. The expensive and somewhat ugly chain link dog fences have fallen by the wayside in favor of the new, better electronic dog fences. We feature premier manufacturers of electronic pet products such as: Perimeter, Petsafe, Innotek and DogTek. If you are looking for a dog fence system we have the best. Our dog fences can be buried underground or placed on top of the ground with specialized ground staples. The new WiFi Wireless dog fence – It's not wireless, it's Wifi.  The wifi dog fence system is the newest technological advancement in the industry, better than the old Petsafe Instant Fence wireless pet fencing system. These new dog containment fences and cat containment systems have shown themselves to be not only effective for pet containment but safe and humane as well. Pioneered by Invisible Fence Company, underground electric dog fence products have evolved over the past 30 years to include advanced pet containment systems like Pet Stop, Dogwatch, Dog Guard, Contain-a-Pet, and Petsafe Pro. At Pet Warehouse Direct we carry replacement dog fence nylon collars, collar probes and contact posts, and dog fence batteries for all premium brands like Invisible Fence. Our dog fence battery selection is the most complete anywhere, with pet fence batteries to fit most pet containment fence systems. The new Comfort Contacts from Perimeter also fit Invisible Fence, Innotek, Smart Dog, Dog Watch, and Petsafe dog fencing collars. We also carry a large number of dog training shock collars from companies like Tritronics, Petsafe, and Numaxes. These training collars do not shock a dog but instead provide a safe static correction. In addition to pet training shock collars, we also offer dog bark collars. As with the training collars, bark collars do not shock but also offer a safe static correction. When you purchase your Perimeter dog fences, Petsafe dog fence, or Tritronics shock collar, feel assured that you have the best. We offer more containment dog fences, dog containment systems, and dog fence installation products for your pet than any other online pet supplies retailer. If you need a pet fence, we have it. All fences, training collars, bark collars, and shock collars use radio signals as opposed to ugly chain link. Remember no shock, just a static correction. The fact that there is no shock is important. Some feel that there is a shock or a strong shock, but this is not the case. On a dog fence, bark collar, or dog fences and training systems you can adjust the level of shock (static stim) correction.

Thank you for visiting us here at the Pet Warehouse Direct! Here you will find all the products you need for your pets. We have the safest Dog Fence Systems on the market, including the WiFi Wireless Dog Fence; also Replacement parts from dog fence batteries to dog collar straps to wire and training flags for all of your Pet Fencing needs. We also have Remote Trainers, Bark Control Collars, Pet Doors, Kennel Crates, Pet Beds, Tie Outs, Tracking Collars, and a whole lot more. Our complete dog fence battery selection for Invisible Fence, Petsafe, Perimeter Technologies, Innotek, and Dog Guard brand pet containment systems is the best on the internet, just like our unique hidden electric pet fencing collars and collar probes.