Adopt-A-Pet PSA

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Mark Buehrle promotes the Adopt-a-Pet program and asks individuals to visit for more information

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10 comments on “Adopt-A-Pet PSA

  1. Beautiful dog!

  2. Theresa Gratis

    We have 2 adopted dogs. One is 10 and is a diabetic requiring 2 shots of insulin a day. We knew she was one before we adopted her, but she deserved a chance to live and prosper. We’ve had her almost 2 years now. She is a great dog. The other is a min pin who is 3 and was rescued and then we adopted her. She is a love and so smart and is a great companion to the older dog. If your looking for a dog, THINK RESCUE. There’s some wonderful dogs out there.

  3. Mâţa Neagră

    Shelter pets… poor souls :(

  4. Awesome. I love it. We have two therapy dogs, and our little rescue is the next in line. Old and young, shelter dogs can be so amazing given the loveing home in which to bloom!

  5. sassylady061958

    Such an important message, I have purchased pure bread dogs and I have adopted shelter dogs and I am of the opinion that shelter dogs seem to have a special spark that brings love and happiness to the adoptive families. Think Rescue, Think Love!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this PSA with me and with the world!!

  7. CertifiablyMe

    Not a Baseball fan, don’t know who the player is, never heard of him. Love dogs and Bear is more of a Hero in my book than any baseball player could ever hope to be.

  8. potatoluver63

    Who could possibly “dislike” this PSA??? Idaho Humane Society called us last week that they had a 10 wk old Westie that the previous owners brought for euthanizing due to her being a “biter”. They had her for two weeks, apparently didn’t want to be bothered with the time needed for discipline. In two DAYs she learned “sit” “stay”, her new name, and other words.

  9. potatoluver63

    She’s coming along with house breaking and she’s learning not to teeth on us, as we distract her with toys and correction. This is one smart pup, a quick learner, very affectionate. Talk about potential that was missed by original owners!

  10. Great ad millions love baseball and dogs

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