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Adopt-A-Rescue-Pet began in the name of “Shelter Dog Rescue,” a group of individuals rescuing “purebred” dogs from the Clark County, NV area animal shelters that have “timed out” (scheduled for euthanasia). In January of 1999, Shelter Dog Rescue had grown into an organization to include volunteers rescuing cats, ferrets, rabbits, and pond fish, in addition to all breeds, mixes, ages, etc. of dogs needing a second chance at finding a loving home. Since its non-profit approval in 2000, Adopt A Rescue Pet has grown to be one of So. Nevada’s largest animal rescue groups, providing a safe haven for dogs of abuse, neglect or homelessness. In most cases, these cases would have resulted in death if the animal would have entered a municipally funded shelter. Adopt A Rescue Pet houses the dogs in its programs in foster homes, local boarding facilities, and at its “under development” rescue ranch & retirement facility. Adopt A Rescue Pet receives no local or federal funding, it relies solely on the generosity of its contributors and tax deductible donations received from the public.

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