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We get really excited about adoptions here at Nevada Humane Society, so we decided to put our spin on the famous JK Wedding Entrance Dance. For more info about this video check out the press release on our Facebook page, Music: Chris Brown. “Forever.” Exclusive. Polow da Don, 2008.

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25 comments on “Adoption Entrance Dance

  1. I love the video nice dance moves:] i think im going to adopt a pet now:]

  2. I just wish to my honest heart all pets could have such a happy ending..sadly so many don’t. I’m heavily involved with crosspostings of urgent pets in need to be saved especially in high kill shelters. Just in the NYC ACC system every day are a daily listing of cats for instance that are on the “euth” list.

  3. @pyewackete
    .just recently 64 cats were listed to be euthanized…nice way to say killed. I was later to learn only two were pulled out and saved from death. It sickens my heart that so many innocent lives are killed everyday in high kill shelters, and some such shelters kill by gas chambers NOT via humane methods as via injection-

  4. @pyewackete
    -when I see this video I would like to dance for all those that have been spared and adopted in forever homes……but we have to remember those that didn’t make it, that are killedevery single day in too many high kill shelters

  5. how cool are y’all! this great!!!

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