African Dwarf Frogs as Pets

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African Dwarf Frogs (ADF) are considered a freshwater aquarium amphibian species and they are commonly found as pets. The fad to keep a frog as a pet began in the 1960’s and quickly spread to the world wide pet trade. One reason why African Dwarf Frogs make for great pets is because they are relatively low maintenance. ADF’s have webbed feet in the front and the back and they should be fed at least five times a week. When it comes to fish tankss, the water should be swapped out about once every two weeks.

ADF’s are extremely compatible with both bottom feeders as well as algae eaters. There are some tropical fish that make for great tank mates, however some of them are way too aggressive and will fight and injure your frogs. They often times eat the frogs food because ADF’s are known for their slow eating. When it comes to feeding you should never feed ADF’s fish food flakes. The appropriate foods for these frogs are blood worms (frozen or dry), brine shrimp, or cut up earthworms. Note that you should buy these at the store and not dig them up in your backyard.

Because ADF’s are fully aquatic, they do not require any terrestrial surface within their fish tank. These frogs typically remain at the bottom of a tank so it’s important that it be lined with smooth gravel or sand as opposed to rough, rocky gravel. This keeps your frogs comfortable and avoids any kind of skin irritation. Typically, the height of a five gallon tank is appropriate to house African Dwarf Frogs. You want them to be able to reach the surface of the water without strain. Likewise, you should keep your tank covered because these frogs do leap! You should also cover and holes or openings because these little guys sometimes look for a way out. ADF’s prfer to live in water that is about 76-78 degrees Fahrenheit but they will be okay under normal house temperatures as well.

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