am i weird for doing all this?

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Question by : am i weird for doing all this?
I have one dog named harley. he is almost 2 years old. i have 10 hermit crabs. but im gunna only end up with 3 cuz im giving some to my friends. ( i went to florida and got them as a souvinere present ) i have 2 turtles. named molly and sam. I have 2 fish named franklin and jeese. and i might be getting another dog soon. but my question is i take EXTREMELY good care of my animals. I take my dog on 2 walks everyday feed him 2 times. give him snacks and i wash his bed all the time i freak out if he eats something like a peice of grass. i always call the vet. and the hermit crabs i clean their tank thing everyday i give them all baths everyday. i make sure the food id perfect and the water is the right temp. i clean the rocks and everything. the turtles….im always checking on them im scared if they flip over i alwaysmake sure they eat their food i clean their water out daily. ( btw with the hermit crabs and turtles i make them go 2 “school”) i train them i take the hermit crabs and turtles on walks. the fish same thing exerpt i dont take them on walks but i let them outside for fresh air. people say that they dont need that much care but idk i kinda just dont feel right unless i know they are perfect ( and im worried 2 give them 2 my friends cuz im scared they wont take good care of them ) 🙁 so do u ppl think im weird for taking TONS of care of my pets???
i am not a little kid. im 15

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Answer by *skittles*
You are an amazing pet care owner. You’re NOT weird for taking GREAT care of your pets. Good Luck! Hope your friends take good care of your Hermit Crabs!

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  1. I do the same thing but I don’t make them goto school I do obsess over all my pets because I care about them alot ! But the way I’m reading this sounds like your young ! If you 7-11 ok I understand && mabey also 12-17 … But if your 20-40 idk you write like a kid ! ?

  2. No,you are a very good pet owner.I’m positive your pets are very happy and well taken care of.If you are worried about weather your friends are going to care for your hermit crabs properly,be 100% sure that they are good responsible pet owners before you give them away.If they had or have pets now,ask yourself how well they care for them.I had to give away my precious Siamese cat years ago.Lots of my friends and family wanted him.I gave him to the person that I knew would care for him as well as I did.Years later she still has him and he is living a very good life.

  3. i don’t thin kits weird to care about your pets, and i think its good you walk your dogs twice a day, i don’t think you need to be so extreme in the cleaning but if your friend care about the pets your going to give them then they should look after them properly 🙂

  4. no you just love them bunches. i think that if you take a little less care they would do fine as well

  5. not at all, as long as its not taking over other aspects of your life like, i cant have a girl/boy friend becuase my pets need more attention and time and i cant give that to anyone else etc,or you dont want to leave home as your dog might eat grass (which is actually good for them-its kinda a bit like medicine, makes them feel better when they are feeling average)

    its fine as long as it doesnt impact your everyday life.

  6. No i dont think your weird but i do think you are overdoing it by walking your turtles and hermit crabs. lol but you seem like a very responsible owner.

  7. Yes you’re overdoing it. Either you’re a kid with nothing else to do or you’re confused about what care certain pets need.

  8. No, I don’t think you’re weird at all. When I pick up a stray dog or cat and have to find it a new home, I always stress because I feel they’d be better off with me. I spend a lot of time taking care of my pets – dogs and prairie dogs. People think I’m weird for driving 7 hours to take my prairie dogs to the vet, but he is a specialist and I want what’s best for my PDs. I give my dogs supplements every day and prepare their food for them instead of feeding them kibble. I’m also always at the vet with my dogs if there is any sign that something might be wrong with them. People think I’m weird for spending so much time and money caring for my pets but the way I see it, they are our children and they deserve the best care.

  9. Yes.

  10. naaaah i think thats cool and kinnda cute i do the same as a matter of fact keep it up 😉

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