Applied Behavior Analysis Cockatoo Training

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Using the techniques learned from Dr. Friedman’s Living and Learning with Animals: The Fundamentals of Behavior professional course, Chloe (Umbrella Cockatoo) learns to nod her head “yes.” She also goes through her newly learned behaviors to reinforce them. Chloe would not let you touch her feet before I studied Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Now I file her toenails daily. At 25, she had never gone “to school.” She is an attentive learner and learned these behaviors in less that two weeks of training: On cue she will: say “Hello,” touch her beak, turn around, bob her head, sit on a towel (she was afraid of them as are most parrots from bad experiences in the past), and go to the “target” hand. You can learn more about ABA here: We are thankful to Dr. Friedman for working with the community of rescuers and caretakers to improve the lives of parrots and their companions. Thank you! Father Don

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2 comments on “Applied Behavior Analysis Cockatoo Training

  1. Beautiful bird! Great job, thanks for sharing =)

  2. Thank you so much.

    She is a beautiful spirit. She loves people. Sadly, fort 23 years she was labeled “sweet.” Chloe knew only 2 behaviors. The problem with labeling is that once we hang the label on them we can’t see past it.

    She learned 6 behaviors in a week and a half after I received my training. She learned “are you shy” in one session.

    She does what I ask if I know how to ask it. Dr. Friedman’s “Living and Learning with Animals” gave me the tools I needed, it changed both of our lives.

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