are the pet ads on yahoo pets mostly scams? They seem a bit fishy to me. Are the “adoptions” legit? - 468x60

Question by citadelstucco: are the pet ads on yahoo pets mostly scams? They seem a bit fishy to me. Are the “adoptions” legit?

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I get it
Fishy pet ads
*Stopped laughing*

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  1. DO NOT BUY A PET ONLINE!! Unless you can go and pick it up yourself and the transaction can be done in person DON’T DO IT! I recently went on to Yahoo pets and was looking for an english bulldog. I only wanted a dog I could drive to pick up so I only replied to ads from my state. EVERY single reply I got was someone saying that they had just relocated to West Africa/Nigeria and that the price (which by the way is surprisingly low for an english bulldog) covers the shipping. I called a pet shipping company and they informed me that it was probably a scam because the actual price to ship it would be about 6 times as expensive. And this particular person emailed me a picture of the dog, which I also saw on another person’s yahoo pets ad. The bottom line is unless you don’t care about sending money and not receiving an animal in return DON’T DO IT. Even Yahoo warns that getting overseas is very likely to be a scam.

  2. Might Be, I got One of my dogs from a pet store and spent $ 1800 and went to and got anothe pug for about $ 600 which included shipping and insurance.

  3. If you want a pet there are animal charities that rehome the most wonderful pets and many have a sad story behind them. Go along to your local rescue centre and have a look there before you pay top prices for people who breed for money.
    If you really want a pedigree dog, then there are breed rescues societies for every breed. You might try contacting the kennel club for their address.
    However one final word of warning, I would seriously urge you NOT to buy from the net as many of these puppies come from puppy farms and the parents are usually kept in the most appaling conditions. You only help to keep this trade going if you purchase puppies from such places.

  4. The ads appear legitimate to me. I read many of them. Check this one out>>

  5. i searched the internet for a puppy man was that stupid! way too many hours spent & They want way too much for them not to mention s&h costs. I ended up finding the perfect puppy on the internet in my local classified listings. Do a search on your local newpapers and check their listed pet classifieds. That way you get to meet and see your dog before you buy or adopt.

  6. You could ask Yahoo themselves, but you may not get much in the way of answers. I wouldn’t do it myself, there are plenty of local ways to get pets nearly everywhere you go. Rescue a dog or cat from your local shelter. You get to go visit the animal in person that way. Don’t do over the internet breeders. You have no guarantees. Good luck.

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