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Image by Caroline
my dog, mid 80s

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  1. actually, my cat makes a pleasing djembe-like sound when i thump her side, which she thoroughly enjoys. as beautiful as huskies are, i always think they look put-upon being walked around a hot city. dogs come in such small sizes now, surely they are apartment ready?

  2. Yeah, I do like cats, but there’s just nothing like a good dawg. And I like dawgs, with an -awg; the kind that you can thump the side of and get that good bass-drum sound. Yeah. I loves big dawgs. If I had a Husky and a bulldog, I’d be on top of the world.

  3. >And equally handsome offspring around the village.

    lol, also a lad but town then?

    DYFL, go kitty. cats are so best.

  4. One ear up, one ear down he had.

  5. aw. what a great guy. the best kind of ears.

  6. He was, indeed, quite a handsome man. Prone to running away for hours on end. Always came back with a belly full of unmentionables and a bad smell. And equally handsome offspring around the village.

  7. Oh my God, he’s beautiful. I’d absolutely love to get a dog, but they seem like so much trouble here in the city… I’m used to having a dog in the suburbs, where you can just boot ’em out out the back door to do their stuff at 11PM instead of walking them outside to a freezing snowy street.

  8. handsome.

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