ARMAGEDDON!!! – Radio announcer struggles with funny story!

Pittman & Davis

A classic piece of radio that will have you in tears of laughter. The announcer attempts to read a story printed in the Los Angeles Times regarding a couples’ attempt at felching gone wrong and ending up with a hospital visit. ARMAGEDDON! Set to illustrative pictures by deejayone http

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25 comments on “ARMAGEDDON!!! – Radio announcer struggles with funny story!

  1. @MrLonesomeJohn Woot Jonesboro haha :P

  2. Lemmywinks, you must seek out the sparrow prince! Take this magical flame to light your way!

  3. Omfg when I heard this I was laughing so hard I ended up crying.

  4. Story is BS. Can’t believe people believe this happened. Funny though

  5. Unlike the movie “Armageddon,” where they had to blow up an ASSteriod…

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