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Australian Bearded Dragons, Exotic Pets, Hot Facts Girl Jamie Join Jamie your hot facts teacher for fun facts about the exotic pet, the Australian bearded dragon. Find out what these lizards eat? How to handle the bearded dragon? How long bearded dragons live? How long it take bearded dragons to grow up? How large do bearded dragons get? What different types of bearded dragons are there? How to keep these reptiles warm? How to hold these lizards? How to care for a bearded dragon? Interesting Australian Bearded Dragons, Unusual Australian Bearded Dragons Facts, Strange Australian Bearded Dragons Facts, Amazing Australian Bearded Dragons Facts, Crazy Australian Bearded Dragons Facts, Funny Australian Bearded Dragons, Weird Australian Bearded Dragons Trivia Fun Facts Girls aka Hot Facts Girls http Music By Jimmy Gelhaar http Copyright 2009 Target Public Media. All Rights Reserved.
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  2. Learned a lot from this girl! Just cuz she’s pretty doesn’t mean she can’t be smart!

  3. your boarin

  4. ILuvPitbulls2000

    I am getting one

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