automatic pet feeder

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– You can set the time! the food will come out according to the set time. – You can record you voice! Your recorded voice will be heard when the food comes out. – It is also good for diet! By adjusting the food amounts and eating regularly, your pet will be healthier. For more information and purchases, please visit our webstie or contact via e-mail([email protected])
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9 comments on “automatic pet feeder

  1. does anyone know what brand this automatic pet feeder is? i went searching on the internet but i cannot find the name of it.

  2. LAWL!!!
    is this guy korean??
    “bap muk jahh”

  3. damn thats alot of food

  4. holy shit ur pet must be a frekin beast

  5. if only they could do that for children.

  6. Lol I was thinking I must be starving my dogs. Thats really cool …to bad that resavore won’t hold a big bag of food.

  7. what is the name of this awsome feeder

  8. most useless product ever… the food is getting stuck while coming out!!!

  9. really, How lazy is america now

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