=BattleOn AQ= Me Getting Lvl 90 + Upgraded Combat Trainer

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Just got lvl 90 and decided to make a vid of it. -The Combat Trainer is near the end!- Play at: www.battleon.com Rate and Comment. Armors Dark Wizard Robes, Souvenir Boy’s T-Shirt, Whispering Raiment, Primal Garb and Intiate’s Tenacity Shields: Eye of Naab, IronThorn, Nobleheart Mirror and Dragonslayer Shield Misc Items: Triffid Thrizome and Pet Whistle Weapons: Auger of Brontus, Elemental Seeker and Blade of Awe Spells: Ninjat Flip-Out!, Nightbane’s Apotheosis, MegaInferno and Brilhado Feathers Pet: Happy Hummingpotamus

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25 comments on “=BattleOn AQ= Me Getting Lvl 90 + Upgraded Combat Trainer

  1. To get Assasin armor (Whispering Raiment) go to map and press assasin. ANd the dragon is beastmaster skill call forth beast.. to get dragon u have to do beastmaster quests.

  2. BeyBladeRoxxx


  3. BeyBladeRoxxx

    hey where can we get Primal Garb and Intiate’s Tenacity

  4. Primal Garb is guardian only but there is adventurer version at Dark Jungle shop.
    You can get the Intiate’s Tenacity (which is one version of Kindred) from map, sail east and The Kindred.

  5. BeyBladeRoxxx

    do u have any trainer of aq ??

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