Best Gifts for Your Dog


Don’t just buy any gift for your dog, find out what is entertaining and safe from a Vet’s point of view. Subscribe to The Pet Collective: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Google+: If you aren’t quite sure what to buy your dog for his/her birthday or special holiday, take a look at Best Gifts For Your Dog! Dr. Rachel Malamed, a board certified Veterinary Behaviorist breaks down the most popular gifts from treats, toys, clothes and bedding from a Vets point of view. Special thanks to Dr. Rachel Malamed, DVM, CPDT-KA, DACVB To learn more about Dr. Rachel go to Special thanks to Maxwell Dog in Studio City, CA. To learn more about Maxwell Dog go to Host: Dr. Rachel Malamed, DVM, CPDT-KA, DACVB Coordinating Producer: Dawn Poomee Camera: Nick Fabiano Camera: Anna Dean Editor: Wes Marsala

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11 comments on “Best Gifts for Your Dog

  1. Long wobbler is aweme

  2. lol i got my dog a kong this Christmas; hope he likes it. ps when are the pet hauls coming back???

  3. I tried to dress my dog up one day up at the ski hill for a walk. He managed to pull his arms through, shimmy out of it, shake off his collar, and run back to the door to the condo. No clothes for him 🙂

  4. SuperDemonkitty

    I got my pooch a chew toy which doubles as a floss, a pork bone and a collar. The happiest pooch I’ve ever seen!

  5. Merry Christmas EVeryone!

  6. I only have fish : o

  7. Good video and tips, but she is so awkward and looks so uncomfortable.

  8. Dat smile is creepy when they let you choose what to watch 1:40 , 4:20

  9. omg she’s so cute and beautiful *-*

  10. stop ! uahuhauh She’s so cute

  11. herlinbanksfunhouse

    Bought a pretty collar/necklace to my Husky.

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