Best Pet Food And The Horrifying Pet Food Truths!


If you are searching for the best pet food then you must have heard about the shocking and absolutely gut wrenching garbage that goes in to the commercial pet food that you feed your poor pets! Here Is The Truth, you will not find the best pet food on the shelves of your super markets! Instead you will find the following…

The rotten road kill, other euthenised cats and dogs that have being brought to the rendering plant that mashes up all this disgusting stuff, the pussy meat that has being cut out and thrown into this big bin, the cow lungs with tuberculosis, the aborted fetus from a slaughtered dairy cow… All this gut wrenching garbage gets mashed up and shipped off to the pet food companies, that later gets packaged and hits the shelfs of your super markets and pet shops!!!
Without even realizing it, you are poisoning your pets! That’s why it’s very common that family pets die from kidney failure and other diseases, caused by you feeding this diseased, rotten garbage to your pets.

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Within this page you will find some very useful information and where you can find the best pet food, the healthy pet food that will give your pet a lengthy and healthy lifestyle! Make sure that you watch the videos on this page also as they will show you what disgusting stuff goes in your pet food that your loved family pet has to eat.

When i found out what goes in to that pet food that i used to feed our family cat. The reason that i decided to look for the best cat food and also do some research on the cat food that we currently fed our cat was strange yet very self explanatory.

Every now and then our cat would vomit up the cat food that we fed it and it always looked un digested and whole… Obviously there was something about that pet food that we fed our cat was wrong! I researched the brand and found a whole heap of terrible reports and similar cases of pets vomiting up the pet food, cases of diarrhea and kidney and liver failure in pets.

That really got me worried and made me feel horrible that i was unknowingly killing our cat with this putrid garbage. Watch the video below, it really opened my eyes to what goes in the pet food these days, and it’s LEGAL too!

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