Best “Pet” Turtle/Tortoise?

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Question by funniesbyme: Best “Pet” Turtle/Tortoise?
My brother wants one but I’m clueless. What is the best (easy, clean, fun(?) ) to have? Any and all comments welcome. Brother will be turning ten.

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Answer by brandon m
turtle. They dont snap and dont grow really big as tortaises do. they are easy to feed. Just prepare them a salad. very easy and fun to care for. great responsibilty

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  1. Here is a great article on exactly that subject:

  2. theropingeffect

    I chose to get a tortoise because they are easier to take care of then turtles. 1. They require land only 2. They are vegetarians
    I have a male Greek Tortoise and they require a 40 gallon tank. The tortoise was $ 110 and the tank was between $ 150 and $ 200. Tortoises make good beginner pets.

  3. I’ve had both, but prefer the tortoises. You don’t have the bother of setting up a swimming area and filters.

    Tortoises also seem (at least to me) to interact more with their owners. They’ll follow you around, walk over your feet, etc. And tortoises don’t have to be monsters, like the sulcata or leopard. Greek, Russian, Herman’s, and Red-footed tortoise are about 13″ or smaller.

    Here are links to sites with info about these and others:

    I should add that tortoises are more expensive to buy, though.

  4. ohhhh the best is a red eared slider i got one and its soo fun to play with ans it is sooo sweet

  5. Well heres a few things you can do. First of all you can get a red ear slider. This is a turtle. These guys could be a lot of work or alot of money because you need to change the water or use a filter where you would still have to change the water every once in a while. The up about these guys though is that the animal can be quite cheap, around fifteen dollars, and they are fun to watch swim. You can get a tortoise. They are all land animals and easy to take care of and easy to set up a habitat for them. There only down is that they tend to be a bit more expensive and they get big. A socata tortoise is about 90 dollars as a baby and they grow huge, i mean these thing will weigh over 100 lbs and they tend to knock things over, but these are definitely the coolest looking. Then you have a Russian tortoise. These are moderately priced, 40-70 dollars, and moderately sized. They make a good pet. All these animals are nice and docile, they wont attack you. A ten year old can easily take care of any of these animals.

  6. red eared slider.. they’re very little and easy to take care of. not to mention cute!

  7. what something big get tortose and littler get turtle u do the math

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