Big Upgrade for Dog Daycare & Training Services in Rochester NY

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Big Upgrade for Dog Daycare & Training Services in Rochester NY

The dogs in DayCare are enjoying the New AstroTurf at Boom Towne!

Rochester, NY (PRWEB) August 01, 2012

Boom Towne Canine Campus in Farmington, NY, just a short drive from Rochester NY, is excited to announce the grand opening of its Little Red School House and the addition of 12,000 square feet of canine artificial turf in its outdoor play areas.

With the growth of training and day care for small dogs and puppies, Boom Towne decided to expand its 23,000 square foot facility in Farmington with a “Little Red School House.” This brand new addition is state of the art and will accommodate multiple purposes.

A bacteria resistant epoxy floor of the quality used in pharmaceutical plants and installed by the Northeastern expert in Canine epoxy Flooring, CA Reed of Canandaigua, NY. A waterproof PVC bead-board wall siding will allow the entire room to be power-washed and cleansed with germicide. The room is fully insulated to be soundproof and temperature controlled. A specially enclosed outdoor play area dedicated to small dogs and puppies adjoins the new room.

The new room affectionately dubbed the “Little Red Schoolhouse” will be used immediately for a brand new type of puppy training class, the first of its kind in the area. Boom Towne’s certified pet dog trainer, Paula Lightfoote KPA-CTP , will be hosting a full or half day Puppy Head Start program designed to give a young pup all the foundations for manners and obedience at home. Owners will be able to drop off their puppies in the morning and the puppies will be engrossed in all day structured sessions of play and social time, together with learning how to potty outdoors, be comfortable with handling for vet exams, nail trims and grooming, the beginnings of behaviors such as sit, lay down and stay on cue, as well as to rest calmly in a crate. During this experience the puppies will be introduced to positive reinforcement training methods to shape behavior in which the trainers at Boom Towne specialize, all in a facility that is cleaned and sanitized daily to the rigorous standards necessary to keep puppies healthy and safe. The 8 week program will give the puppies a head start to becoming well behaved family members, as well as the foundation needed to eventually pursue various canine sports including Agility & Flyball. Check out all of Boom Townes Dog Training Services Here.

The second big addition to Boom Towne this year is 12,000 square feet of outdoor canine artificial turf by “R- Turficial” of Rochester, NY. Boom Towne becomes the first canine facility in the Rochester area to use turf for outdoor play areas, a growing trend in high end boarding and day care facilities around the country.    Bill Teamerson, president of R-Turficial, reported that “Turf is becoming the preferred outdoor surface for canine facilities around the country due to its bacteria resistant characteristics and consistent play surface.” The turf installed at Boom Towne is specially designed to be comfortable under paw, durable year round for a consistent play surface and bacteria resistant. Most importantly, the turf can be sterilized to kill highly communicable canine viruses. Boom Towne also added a sprinkler system to cool the play areas in the Summer, a shaded pavilion for in-climate weather and a rocky playground feature to entertain the dogs.

These two new features will also compliment Boom Towne’s ability to host regional and national dog competitions. The additional space will be used as a staging area for canine teams traveling to Boom Towne for various dog sports. Jillian Rakin, CPDT, Director of Training at Boom Towne says that: “The new outdoor competition field installed last year, plus this new training and staging room will allow us to bid for national competitions at Boom Towne. We are very excited about being able to host teams from all over the country. This will put Farmington NY on the map as one of the finest dog sporting facilities in North America.”

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