birdPod Maker 2.0 With Warbler Photographs Now Available

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Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) June 1, 2006

birdPod, the only bird song organizer for the extremely portable and easy-to-use Apple iPod, is now shipping birdPod Maker 2.0. Warbler photographs for both the Eastern and Western regions are included in a new modular design that makes it easy to add new photographs as they become available.

birdPod Maker transforms an Apple iPod into a birdPod, eliminating the need to struggle with multiple tapes or CDs. With a birdPod, any North American bird can be found within 15 seconds from the easily-accessed and intuitive playlists organized by habitat and family.

birdPod is useful to novice and expert birders alike. Lovatt Watts, a birdPod customer, commented in a recent review, “The [birdPod] playlists are well organized and it took a few seconds to zoom in on a bird I hope to see on an upcoming trip. The sound was great and you can easily adjust the volume. If you have never used an iPod you will find it easy to use. This is definitely the way to go to learn bird songs.”

With new promotional pricing and the addition of the 1GB iPod Nano, birdPod is now available for less than $ 270.00. New accessories of convenience to birders in the field include a USB adapter and a car charger. To accelerate bird song learning, the Peterson Birding By Ear series of instructional CDs is also available from the birdPod web site.

birdPod Maker 2.0 runs on all iPod models with the exception of the iPod Shuffle. The photographs are visible on all iPod models with a color screen. Current birdPod customers can download birdPod 2.0 with the warbler photographs free of charge at In addition to French, complete Spanish-language translation of all bird names is also available on birdPod 2.0.

Recent hands-on reviews by three well-known and active birders include Jeff Gordon in the May/June issue of Birdwatcher’s Digest, Don and Lillian Stokes in Stokes Bird News April 2006, and Mike Bergin on his 10, web site.

To order a birdPod, birdPod Maker or other accessories, visit To learn about becoming a wholesale distributor of birdPod Maker Software, contact birdPod at marketing @ birdPod uses the Stokes Field Guide to Bird Songs, Eastern and Western Regions, for its bird song collection. birdPod is developed and distributed by MightyPods LLC.


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