Black Cat

Pittman & Davis

Black Cat

Image by BlueRidgeKitties
One of the black kitties at the High Country Friends for Life pet fair.

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8 comments on “Black Cat

  1. bunchadogs & susan

    fascinating, this ebony kitty.

    Seen in the group"000000 (The Color of Black)" (?)

  2. This amazing feline photo has made it to *Cat Century* – 100+ Views Feline Photography

  3. Great low key shot. Good detail.

  4. Beautifully done…love it!

  5. BlueRidgeKitties

    I didn’t pay attention to the reflections. That’s cool!

  6. Beautiful Blackness of Kitty! (I think I see your face reflected, upside-down, below the pupil of left eye!)/// Very cool… I’d frame this!

  7. Skylr Harkness

    (s)he looks just like my kitty!

  8. Luciiā™„Skatee!

    que linnnndo ! Tengo un igual (:

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