Bobby Wilson Birmingham Roller Pigeons (CBS)

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Birgingham Roller Pigeons on CBS news this is a great story.
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15 comments on “Bobby Wilson Birmingham Roller Pigeons (CBS)

  1. This Bobby Wilson guy, knows his stuff, a great inspiration to young kids growing up in a crime ridden world, give them something worthwhile to do, like taking care of pigeons, rather than hanging out on street corners, or playing violent video games, once they learn to love their pigeons, they have it for the rest of their lives, 5 STAR.

  2. keep it up bro send new videos if u have some well take care.

  3. W0w donate me some birds t0o LOL..And yes pigeons do keep u out of trouble..i spend most of my time n the backyard jux takin care of my birds..I use to have the time to fly my birds everyday but now im working so i have less time on them..Me and my cousin is still trying to make our own bloodline now but only in our actual 1st year of breeding our best

  4. Nice work Bobby! This is what it is all about, I remember what pigeons meant to me as a kid. brings back a lot of memories. keep up the great work bro!!

  5. NICE!!!!!!!!!! Bobby keep it up we dont need no hawks in this pigeon world..

  6. The Birmingham Roller! The World greatest athlete!

  7. KeepinItOldSkool

    Very Cool ~ You Made The News ~ Sweet !!Keep helping them Kids , Nice Job Bobby !!

  8. “I think it’s better then religion”. Amen.

  9. that is what giving back is all about. helping the youth see life with your eyes to the sky.good job bobby.

  10. watch kabutarbazi(tariq road)


  12. fair play regards from ireland

  13. hay bobby good to see what a bird can do on and off the sreen my hat comes off for u man. i to had troble growing up in oakland with the street life and my birds tured me around I just posted my video its on youtube zlsolivers tell me what you think

  14. GREAT JOB BOBBY W., any hobby that takes time & daily care is a sure way to keep kids straight.

  15. 2ndEndingVintage

    Great !

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