boggling and bruxing and a nose bleed?

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Question by Minor Incident “Toby”: boggling and bruxing and a nose bleed?
my adoptee im worried might have a respiratory problem i havent had rats in so long i cant remember if its normal for them to get the occasional nose bleed.

i picked him up earlier because je began sneezing i have him on the “old news” bedding that was given to me by the rescuer.

other than this he seems very happy, willingly choosing to snuggle beside me crawling on my chest and bruxing and when i begin to pet him boggling.

ive never had one boggle from attention nor brux so much ! are your rats like this?

whats the likely hood the nose bleed means he has a respiratory problem and how do i treat it? the vet that cared for my rats before has moved we have no small animal vets here as rats are looked on more as pests or snake food here.
i called several vets they all said they didnt take rats some even said if he died i could replace him…others said he probably just has a cold or a nose bleed

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Answer by !!Hanny!!
I have rats, too. I’ve never owned any until now, but I’ve been researching a little. I’m not really sure, but it may be the bedding… I heard the old news bedding still has ink in it and could hurt the rats… you should take that bedding out ASAP.

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  1. Yesterdays news bedding is fine!

    It isn’t blood on his nose, its mucus. Rat mucus has a red tint. It is produced in excess when the rat is stressed out. As long as he isn’t sneezing much or making breathing noises, I wouldn’t worry.

    My rats brux and boggle all the time! But remember, they do it whenever they are emotional, so it may not mean he is happy.

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