Boxiecat Home Cat Litter Delivery Service Offers Accessibility to Those with Trouble Lifting

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Boxiecat Home Cat Litter Delivery Service Offers Accessibility to Those with Trouble Lifting

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) March 21, 2012

Boxiecat, the new subscription cat litter delivery service recommended by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, puts an end to lugging heavy bags of litter. Subscribers receive fresh litter delivered to their doorsteps on a schedule they choose, and all subscriptions include free home delivery.  

One of the leading concerns associated with cat litter for many people, especially the elderly and those with trouble lifting, is its heavy weight. “This service can certainly fill the necessity for litter in a new and more convenient way” notes Cornell University’s Cat Watch Newsletter, “Especially for the elderly pet owner.”

The traditional way of getting cat litter requires at least three dead lifts of containers – weighing an average of 30 lbs – off of a store shelf, from the cart to the car, and again from the car to the home. This process is required over and over again, and is a common topic of complaint among cat lovers, many of whom admit to dreading this process and see it as a chore.

Boxiecat brand litter comes in individual 16 lb bags. Each is packed in its own shipping box for painless lifting. The easy open shipping box and the resealable product package make for extreme ease of use. Personalized shipment timing adds another level of convenience. Just as the old litter is running out, a new Boxiecat subscription shipment shows up automatically.  

Many health professionals say that having a pet is one way to improve your health and live a longer, healthier life. Whether as a family pet, therapy, or service program animal, cats can provide a unique and meaningful connection that makes them family.  Boxiecat’s new service helps make this connection possible for the elderly and those with trouble lifting.

Boxiecat’s automatic delivery can also help those with trouble lifting from running low or running out of litter, which can cause stress for cats and become a reason a cat may refuse to use the litter box. Overcoming litter box related behavioral issues can be a hard and long process, highlighting the importance of consistent access to high quality litter of a type cats prefer.

Given that there are approximately 11.2 million pet cats living with persons 65 and older in the U.S., Boxiecat’s unique service is poised to be useful to a lot of people. Accounts are designed to be completely customizable, allowing users to make changes to their shipment timing and next ship date at any time with just a few clicks online.

The first service of its kind, Boxiecat has proclaimed that cat litter doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, with easy signup, online account management, and quality customer service, many subscribers now see cat litter in a whole new light. Boxiecat’s emergence makes responsible cat care possible for many, and offers a real solution to those with trouble lugging home those heavy containers of litter.

About Boxiecat

Boxiecat is America’s first subscription cat litter service. All subscriptions come with free home delivery, including to Alaska, Hawaii, and the US Territories. The service features personalized shipment timing and vacation holds. Payments are made on a per shipment basis and subscribers can cancel at any time.

Boxiecat has been recommended by The Washington Post, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine,, Animal Shelters, and Veterinarians across the U.S., and has been featured in USA Today, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Houston Chronicle,, and

Boxiecat brand litter is all natural premium clumping clay. Hard clumps form on the top rather than soaking to the bottom of the box making litter care a breeze. Boxiecat litter stays ultra-clean even after weeks of scooping. It is unscented and completely eliminates ammonia odors without using fragrance as a masking agent. An over 99.9% dust free cat litter, it is hypo-allergenic and long lasting. Subscribers call Boxiecat brand litter “the best cat litter on the market.”

For more information or to subscribe, visit boxiecat on the web at, on Facebook at, or on Twitter at Customer service can be reached at (877) 817-0253.


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