Bunny & Piggy Havens at Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary

Pittman & Davis

Happy rescued bunnies & guinea piggies live in free range enclosures – Bunny Haven & Piggy Havens at Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary www.crittercamp.org .The buns are all spayed and neutered, the piggies havea boy’s side & a girl’s side. The bunnies & piggies ahve come to us from ‘kill’ shelters where they were going to be euthanized for space, from animal control departments, from law enforcement (for example some were used as bait in dog fighting rings,) from landlords finding them abandoned in empty properties, as strays, etc.

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19 comments on “Bunny & Piggy Havens at Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary

  1. Aww thanks!!!!

  2. awwww i wish my parents would let me do that fur my bunny lol

  3. O. M. G!!

    I love the noise the Guinea Piggies make!
    It sounds like the noise they use for blowing bubbles in cartoon shows 😀

  4. You mean, put stainless steel panels up the walls and fill your front room with wood chip and animals??!! Heheheheeh! Fantastic idea! X¬D

  5. exactly lol

  6. AlucardsSexyLover

    So….much…fuzzy…. must resist.. cuteness…

  7. Amazing space for the cuties! 😀 They look so happy(:

  8. soo many pigloos i love it too cute

  9. are they up for adoption ?

  10. these are not – they are all here for sanctuary for he rest of their lives due to advanced age, chronic illness or disability, unfriendly to people – many were abused, some used as bait in dog fighting rings etc- very bad situations- they just need a safe place to live out their lives –

  11. as bait in dog fighting rings ? ohh my god ? are they insane ? why do they do that ? i am so dissapointed , sick people…

  12. sometims a dog will look like a mean dog but not act mean so they have to train it to kill and start with the small animals – sad and sick

  13. those people who make animals fight should go jail for the rest of their lives and make everyday psychotherapy

  14. how do u clean such a big cage?!

  15. it is basically a 20 x20 foot room- we scoop & sweep out all the shavings, then mop it down with a bleach solution and wipe down the walls too-

  16. I have always wanted to start a bunny/guinea pig rescue, I love both and right now have 5 bunnies, but they are for people that can’t take care of the bunny. I am only 13, but one day dream of starting a rescue for Small mamals, I have 4 Hamsters, 2 Chinchillas, 5 Bunnies, and 2 turtles (lol).

  17. So many pigaloos 😀

  18. how often do you clan the cage,and is this at your house?

  19. The sanctuary is at our house right now but we are going to build a building soon- we change the bedding every week in the enclosures-

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