Butterfly Fish Tank


Fish Only With Live Rock
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  1. Your Welcome……although I would not recomend trying to keep a bennets butterfly fish . I got very very lucky to get him to eat and that is not the norm . That particular butterfly should be left in the ocean , 99% of the time they starve to death unless fed a strict diet of SPS Coral .

  2. I really like your branch rock. Nice.

  3. Highly unlikely, unless added to an SPS reef system. Even when C.bennetti’s are eating prepared foods it generally does not sustain them… beautiful fish though.

  4. The C Bennetti’s was sold months ago , and is stll doing well on prepared foods , this is very rare ! As ” glassboxdesign ” stated these fish do not do well in aquariums and are better left in the ocean . I think we got lucky with this one because it was so very small it didn’t have years of a solid SPS diet .

  5. How big do of an aquarium do Threadfin Butterflies need?

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