Can Any commercial pet food be trusted? latest fda recall notice recalling some products from blue buffalo?


Question by darlin12009: Can Any commercial pet food be trusted? latest fda recall notice recalling some products from blue buffalo?
Blue Buffalo Recalls Can and Biscuit Products Due To Tampering By American Nutrition Inc.
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David Petrie
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Wilton, Connecticut, April 26, 2007- We at the Blue Buffalo Company have just learned that American Nutrition Inc. (ANI), the manufacturer of all our cans and biscuits, has been adding rice protein concentrate to our can formulas without our knowledge and without our approval. This is product tampering, and it apparently has been going on for some time. The can formulas that we developed, and trusted them to produce, never contained any rice protein concentrate. It appears that only an FDA investigation of ANI’s rice protein concentrate supplies forced them to reveal this product tampering to us.

While this activity by ANI is in itself unlawful, the situation is further clouded by the fact that ANI has been receiving rice protein concentrate from Wilber-Ellis, some of which the FDA has determined to be contaminated with melamine.

So while no BLUE or Spa Select canned product has tested positive for the presence of melamine, and there has been no reported illness due to any of our canned products, we simply cannot be sure of what ANI has been including in our formulas. For this reason, we have decided to remove all of our canned and biscuit products from retail distribution. While this may seem to many to be a major over-reaction, as other ANI customers will probably only recall the products that tested positive for melamine, we see this as a matter of integrity.

We founded Blue Buffalo on the principle of providing dogs and cats with the highest quality and most nutritious food, and we will not sell any product that doesn’t meet this standard. And under these circumstances, we cannot say that any products manufactured by ANI measure up.

The obvious question is “how could Blue Buffalo not know that ANI was putting rice protein concentrate into our canned food?” The answer is we trusted them. In business and in life, we all trust our partners to deal with us honestly. When we buy produce from our local grocery store, we are trusting growers, shippers and a series of handlers to have delivered a product that is safe and nutritious for our family. If any one of these parties betrays our trust, contaminated products can make their way to our dinner table.

And while we test for known toxins and contaminants, we don’t test for protein sources, like rice protein concentrate, especially when we did not formulate our products to contain them.

In the end, this all comes down to an issue of integrity, and ANI has not been honest with us and with the pet parents who buy our products. We will not put any product made by ANI on the shelf, and are temporarily withdrawing an important part of our business in order to be true to our pet parents.

We have already started the process of identifying a can and biscuit manufacturer with whom we can build a partnership based on trust. Once we have accomplished this, BLUE and Spa Select cans and BLUE Health Bars will be reintroduced with the high quality and superior nutrition that our brand stands for and that dogs and cats deserve.

We have informed our retail partners and the FDA about this action and will be cooperating with them to complete this recall quickly. The specific product involved includes all “BLUE” brand can dog foods, all “Spa Select” brand can cat foods and all “BLUE Health Bar” treats.

Consumers who have unused or partially used packages of any of these products should return them to their place of purchase for a complete refund.

All “BLUE” dry natural food for dogs and “Spa Select” dry natural foods for cats are not affected by this recall and are safe for consumption. Should consumers have a specific question, they can call the Company at 1-800-919-2833, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDT, to receive more information.

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Answer by Goldengal
So far Candiae is squeaky clean! Thats what I feed my dogs and I am so happy with it and so are my dogs.

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  1. Pedigree Is Fine.

  2. orchard_littlejoe

    Up to now, there has only been suggestions with regulating dog food or for that matter, most pet foods. For the most part, this was because this kind of food was more of a waste product. Now however, our government is looking into ways of watching and regulating pet foods of all kinds. Your question is, who can you trust? Well, when you or someone wants to buy organic foods from the supermarket, who’s to tell if it’s really organic. It’s all based on a “faith” basis right now.

  3. Canidae :o)
    I feed it to mine too!

  4. I am just now using Life’s Abundance. Every part of their food is grown and manufactured in the US. No imported ingredients. Also, they do not use fillers in their food. No Wheat, Corn, or Rice Gluten at all. They do add brown rice to the food for nutritional purposes, but it is from the US. I say get rid of every food that imports ingredients. They are just greedy and do not care about our pets.

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