Can I give my Pet Chicken Noodles as a treat?

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Question by Christina C: Can I give my Pet Chicken Noodles as a treat?
I have 7 pet Silkie, Sizzle and Sultan young adult chicken. They eat bird seed as a treat and don’t seem to like veggies. The other day I gave them some cold cooked spaghetti noodles left over from dinner and they love them. I give them noodles every day now. They even fight eachother a little bit to get them.
So my question is, is it OK for me to feed them these noodles? And what else could I feed them for a “treat”? They have not started laying eggs yet.

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Answer by MAM
Noodles are great ! also they may find certain types of vegies a treat too, but one bird may love tomatoes and another bird not so much…each has different favorites. You just have to experiment.

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  1. Garlkcik Wqewefw

    noodles are fine! my 11 chickens like spaghetti with the little bits of meat and the tomato sauce too. they like worms and salad and they LOVE mashed potato with leftover gravy. no wonder they are so fat hahah

  2. Noodles are grain (wheat and corn mostly) so it’s fine. Make sure there’s no salt added (as in rammen noodles). You can try chopped greens from the store too.

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