Can i have a pet platypus in the UK?


Question by Alex! 🙂: Can i have a pet platypus in the UK?
I live in England and i was just wondering if i would be able to have a pet platypus? I know that they are poisonous and that they would need water (like a pond LOL) but Phinaes & Ferb (disney channel series) have Perry the Platypus – I KNOW ITS NOT REAL BUT STILL! =P

I was just wondering how i would get one, what i would have to do to be allowed to have one, how much it would cost and are there any in zoo’s or does anyone in the UK have one.

Please don’t say ” OMG you’re so stupid, Phinaes & ferb is a cartoon!” because i am FULLY AWARE of that and i was just wondering if that could actually happen. Thank you! 🙂

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Answer by Arron
OMG you’re so stupid, Phinaes & ferb is a cartoon!

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  1. I would say no, you are not allowed to have one. They are used to Australian ecosystems and Australian weather, not England stuff, and would not be able to survive, even if it were legal.

  2. No, They are CITES protected and on the DWA list so can’t be owned by none professional people in the UK.

    Even Australian zoos are having problems breeding them so few zoos outside Australasia keep any.

    BTW the venom in a male platypus’ spurs is supposed to be the most painful in the animal kingdom – doesn’t make for a good pet.

  3. Immortal Love 4 U

    hhm…i think ur askng the wrong question….first of all the answer is no. i bet you’re 12 too….ANYWAY. its no about giving it a pong and throwing it food and letting you pet it…..u wouldnt even be able to take care of it and take it to the vet, or pet it! he is a wild animal, wild animals are wild animals no matter how cute or cool they can be. here if you want a pet platypus you can play with and actually take care of this CLICK HERE aah…reminds me of this

  4. No, you can’t. People in Australia don’t even have them as pets. They’re nocturnal and only survive in an Australian ecosystem.

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