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Canine Nutritional Kitchen Offers Custom Formulations For Sick Dogs, Working Side-By-Side With Vets To Treat Pets With Health Challenges

Individual prescriptions are blended into balanced whole food recipes.

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) June 05, 2012

Dogs are an integral part of many families, and when a canine falls ill pet owners will go to great lengths to help treat man’s best friend. Now a new, natural form of treatment that is complementary to traditional pet care is helping make great advances in healing canines with challenged health.

As is the case with humans, the nutritional quality in a dog’s food intake can have a dramatic effect on their well being. This becomes even more crucial when a canine is facing medical issues such as obesity, digestive disorders, pancreatitis, cancer, food allergies, diabetes, liver and kidney disease.

Just Food For Dogs, a commercial, human-grade kitchen based in Southern California providing daily food for healthy dogs, has expanded their operations to include custom formulations for canines with special dietary needs with a process that is simple, fast and affordable.

Working in conjunction with the pet’s veterinary provider the Just Food For Dogs nutrition team, led by Dr. Oscar Chavez, a veterinarian and professor of canine clinical nutrition, analyzes lab work such as blood panels, urinalysis and more to develop a nutrient formulation to address each dog’s specific health need. These individual prescriptions are then blended into the balanced whole food recipes made entirely from USDA/FDA ingredients certified for human consumption and cooked to the minimum allowed temperature to preserve the maximum nutritional value. The meals are made fresh and then instantly frozen to maintain the highest nutrient bioavailability.

“Unlike the many doggie bakeries that exist, our kitchen is approaching canine nutrition with the serious attention it deserves,” said Just Food For Dogs founder Shawn Buckley. “You won’t find decorated cupcakes here, simply solid meals formulated to improve the health and extend the lives of as many pets as we can.”

Veterinarians agree, and since beginning to offer these custom prescriptions each month the company is treating more and more health challenged dogs with outstanding results. Even veterinarians themselves are working with Just Food For Dogs for their own family canine care.

“I’m always looking for new ways to improve the health of my patients, “said Karla Nichols, DVM. “When I learned about Just Food For Dogs I was not only thrilled with the quality of their daily food but I was impressed with their ability to develop custom formulations of nutrients and food into recipes that address various health issues. I feed my own dog a JFFD custom recipe to address his kidney disease.”

The cost to develop the initial nutritional compound formulation from the lab work is $ 95, not including the cost of the lab work, which is billed through the veterinarian. The cost of the custom food prescription varies depending on the size of each canine and the required ingredients, but generally ranges from $ 40 to $ 95 per week. By diagnosing and treating medical issues early, owners are often able to reduce the cost of much more expensive traditional treatments later on.

Just Food For Dogs formulations can be shipped nearly anywhere in the United States, picked up at their Orange County, CA kitchen or delivered in the local surrounding area. Keeping to their mission of helping as many dogs as possible, Just Food For Dogs provides their daily food recipes for healthy canines at no charge on their website and offers complimentary monthly classes in their kitchen for pet owners who desire to make the food for their dogs themselves.

For more information, visit or call 949.722.3647.

Just Food For Dogs

500 W. Coast Highway

Newport Beach, CA 92663


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