cat fence “pet containment system” not working.?


Question by JG: cat fence “pet containment system” not working.?
okay i got a cat fence for my two cats. now the reciever box keeps beeping and the loop light went off. I followed the instructions but nothing worked I unhooked it and re hooked it up but nada. Could it be the fact that my cat collars are dead? My cats know its off and they go into the road 🙁 please help what should I do?

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here are some options
1.Go to the place where u bought the cat fence and tell them it’s not working and they can check what’s wrong or if they can’t tell you what’s wrong with it they could tell you to go to best buy to find out the problem.

2.Buy a new cat fence

3.Read the instructions and look under troubleshoot and find your problem on that section

4. Look on the instructions for a phone number for help. Most devices like this will have a helpline.

5. Put new batteries in the collar

6.Don’t let your cats go outside ever again

7.Go to the bathroom

8. Watch reruns of star trek

9. Watch old tv shows

10. sell your cats

11. poo

12. Get the ps3 and get modern warfare 2 and play it until you have finshed it

13. Change your gender

14.Prank call

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