Cat Health Problems: Your Curiosity Could Save Your Cat

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Cat Health Problems: Your Curiosity Could Save Your Cat

(PRWEB) February 21, 2005

There are many websites out there on the World Wide Web that specialize in cats and cat-related issues, including cat health problems, cat health symptoms and cat health insurance. The expert, of course, is your veterinarian, but if you keep yourself informed and actively involved in your cat’s health life you could well save your cat from any health-related discomfort. Early detection of any ailment is the only way to help your cat live happier and longer.

You can start with a web search or you can ask your veterinarian to recommend a website that he or she may also find useful. There are websites that offer access to databases full of all the information you could ever need about your cat’s health needs.

Information on common illnesses or illnesses specific to certain breeds can be found online, which can also help you to be aware of the potential health problems that your pet could face.

But keeping informed about your cat’s health is not based on just negative information. You’ll find positive information and advice on nutrition, vitamins, pet toys and supplies to keep your cat happier and healthier.

The most common cat health problems are colds, bite wounds, digestive problems, urinary problems and diarrhea, and eye problems.

Cats are sensitive to many respiratory viruses and infections. Fighting can lead to various wounds. Eyes are particularly sensitive to feline fights. A sure sign of a cat’s health ailing is if he or she stops eating and isn’t interested in playing. Wounds should certainly be treated immediately, but if your cat is eating and playing as normal, then you’ve no real need to worry.

Fleas are also a common problem with cats, especially if your cat spends a lot of time outside. Tapeworm and other parasites are common problems too and often cause symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. Visit your veterinarian if you notice any of these symptoms.

Cat health insurance is a popular choice these days and it is something to consider, albeit carefully. There are insurance companies online that specialize in pet insurance. You can get a quote online and even pay online. The positive aspects of having cat insurance is that if you cat does fall ill or have an accident the insurance will cover part or all of the veterinary bill. Some insurance companies even say they’ll cover the cost of advertising for lost cats. As with all insurance packages you should read the fine print before paying for anything. is a source of information related to cat and feline health care, and other cat related resources. also offers a newsletter, the latest cat news feeds, and features related articles and reviews. provides up-to-date directory information and resources for the latest web content online today, to help individuals research and obtain the most current information about health care for all the different cat breeds.

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