[Cataclysm Beta] Pet Classes- “Move Pet” Command (NEW)!

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Pet Classes – “Move To” Command A new action has been added to the Pet bar in the latest beta build. You can now order your pet to Move to a targeted location and stay there. Forthose of you who want to be in the LEGIT retail WoW Beta, or simply want to have the client incase you Do get accepted, you can opt in using the Battle.net SystemChecker which will scan your computer specs and save it into your battle.net’s account settings. Then, you can choose to opt in for all World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo related betas, testing, and more! US version- www.mediafire.com EU version- www.mediafire.com Screenshot- img94.imageshack.us And ofcourse, the *NEW* WoW Cataclysm Installer: www.mediafire.com You’ll need 13gb of free space to START the installer and the client takes up 30gb at the end. Good luck ;). The game is coming to live servers soon, but having the beta files on your computer can actually speed up the installation of the real version, as long as the beta and the live are installed in the same directory.

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9 comments on “[Cataclysm Beta] Pet Classes- “Move Pet” Command (NEW)!

  1. wow. sweet)

  2. I’ve been wanting this for so long 😀

  3. ForgottenMemoryLost

    yay no more having to use eyes of the beast

  4. wooh whats ur pet? its like a dog but not

  5. WoWAdvancedHaxing

    Pet is a mastiff, worgen starting pet. Some are available at higher levels


  7. The music sounds like music you’d hear while running through an abandon mall with a bunch of zombies trying to eat your bum. xD

  8. yoCOOKIEbitch

    dude that is awsome i love the worgens pet

  9. This isn’t a new thing.. is it? Was the previous way to do this just walk your pet over to a spot, then click stay? Might be..

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