Cats Most Popular Pets Worldwide


Cats are the most popular pets in the world. There are over 600 million in homes worldwide.

They have been popular for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians, for example, adored them and believed cats brought good luck to the home. Now almost every home has one – or more – of them.

So what makes them world pet number one?

Well, cats are independent spirits and can look after themselves. This makes them easy to have as pets. You don’t have to take them for walks, although many don’t mind being on a lead. They are also clean animals. You don’t even have to exercise them.

Cats are highly intelligent and can be trained to obey basic commands. They can also be taught to perform certain functions, like using a human toilet.

They can come to your call or whistle, especially if it’s food time. I once had a cat that always came when my wife played the flute. It was just crazy about flute music.

They are highly skilled hunters, especially with mice, rats, snakes and nasty insects. So they can be useful exterminators.

Cats can talk and they use body language for communication. Their talk is essentially miaowing but they also hiss, growl and grunt. When happy and content they purr.

A major attraction is that they’re such beautiful creatures who come in various colours, shapes and sizes and portray a unique air of sophistication that is distinctly feline. As kittens they are an unbeatable delight.

So what’s the bad side? Is there one? Well, cats have claws and need to sharpen them fairly often and this can put a bit of wear and tear on your furniture. However if you provide them with scratch posts you can still have a nice home.

Like most pets cats like a kiss and a cuddle and a bit of fuss and it’s good to talk to them often. They are good listeners. If a cat likes you it can be a very close friend. I always consider it a privilege if a cat allows me to be its friend, considering how independent they are.

I believe they each have their own personalities and they get their moods, just like us. They can feel happy, sad, angry, depressed, elated.

And in the family situation they can get along fine with other pets. I have three cats and they are friends and play with with my pet rats and dogs. The mice and the budgie I don’t take risks with.

There’s lots to learn about cats and how to handle them. It’s interesting and your cats will appreciate it.




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