Cats-Safety Dance!? - 468x60

The Black cat is shadow and the pink cat is Kat. So yeah……
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10 comments on “Cats-Safety Dance!?

  1. everybody knows you dont own that song lol.

  2. well duh! BUT YOUTUBE DOESN’T!!! XD

  3. lol. cool! and great pics

  4. wat did that pink cat say in the end?

  5. thank you!! i got bored and decided to do this XD

  6. i believe she said “Let me see”


  8. macaroniphoneInc

    actually she said “and sing” cause the other one said “we can dance!!”

  9. That is awesome great job 5/5 (PS the band who sing’s that song is Men Without Hat’s ) :3

  10. this is such an old song! O_o My dad has this song <_<

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