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Just like humans, animals also need a balanced diet that contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats and water. However, for a healthy diet these are only the starting point. Vitamins and minerals are also needed by pets to keep healthy. Theoretically everything our pets need for a healthy and balanced diet is provided through high quality food. However, the question remains as to what is healthy and balanced? Each pet is different and needs a different vitamin supplement. Particular pet vitamin supplements may be needed by working animals, stressed out pets, sick or on restricted diets pets or animals recovering from surgery.

The highly polluted environment that we live in harms not only use but our pets as well. Less physical activity is accomplished by pets today than they used to. Important nutrients are destroyed by cooking and processing the food, so it is very important to look into a pet vitamin supplement. A pets state of health in certain situations can be improved by larger doses of pet vitamin supplements. It is always necessary for a balance however since an excess of nutrients can have the same effect as a deficiency. Metabolism can also be helped by a pet vitamin supplement.


Natural and synthetic are the two main groups of vitamins. Food sources contain the natural vitamins while synthetic ones are produced in labs to mirror their natural counterparts. There is no difference chemically, but a synthetic pet vitamin supplement will contain only the isolated substances that work more effectively in cases of deficiency. Other nutrients are included in natural pet vitamin supplements and can provide additional benefitsAmino Acids Supplements Information.


To ensure proper chemical balance in body fluids, blood and bone formation, proper nerve function, as well as muscle tone regulation then minerals are also required. As with vitamins, mineral supplements should only be taken in reasonable amounts otherwise they may do more harm. For example, excessive amounts of zinc can deplete copper.

Balanced Diet

Correcting deficiencies or just improving your pet’s diet can be accomplished with a pet vitamin supplement. However, you should remember the important fact that minerals and vitamins work in combination. In addition to any treatment you should find a pet vitamin supplement that has well balanced minerals and vitamins. You can choose from a wide range of diet options today to ensure your pet’s health. To improve their diet and keep them healthy you have lots of opportunities. A lot of support and help to enable your pet’s immune system and boost its functioning can be offered by pet vitamin supplements. There are a large variety of forms and shapes to nutritional supplements so that they will respond to your pet’s needs for nutrients. For both cats and dogs there are multivitamins that are available as tablets to chew or powder that can be mixed in their food. There is also the whole food option which is used to develop a natural pet vitamin supplement.

All pets are different and have different needs, there is no wonder pet vitamin supplement that will work on all pets. Going to the vet is definitely the best option if you want to ensure a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet for your pet. You vet will be able to examine your pet and give a pet vitamin supplement that will respond to your pet’s specific needs Vitamins Diary.

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