Clicker Training Horses

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Big horses and miniature horses perform tricks and liberty skills learned with Clicker Training
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25 comments on “Clicker Training Horses

  1. He’s a little STUD, haha so cute and clever.

  2. Well….no….but sometimes he thinks he is…LOL

  3. Im not understanding very well, did you clicker train and you are posting the results? are these everyday shenanigans that your horse does?

  4. In the video there are behaviors in every stage of training. Some are being trained as you watch; some are well trained. My guess is the “shenanigans” that caught your eye was the lip flapping??? LOL. That is a behavior that was “captured” meaning he invented that trick and I started click/treating when he offered it.
    Did I answer your question?

  5. it´s fantastic! 🙂

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