Corn in cat food? Honestly, will it hurt my cat even in the long run?


Question by : Corn in cat food? Honestly, will it hurt my cat even in the long run?
And PLEASE dont say, “what do you expect from cheap drugstore foods?” Because I just spent $ 20 on a bag of food for my cat at the vet, it is Royal Canin, for urinary tract health. And when I got home I looked on the bag and there is corn ingredients in it. Its funny people say all cheap food has corn, Friskies canned food has corn products, but the cheap grocery store brand canned food I just bouoght doesnt have any. I was buying my cat friekies and the vet said it is one of the worst foods for causing UT blockages in cats! Not sure if it has anythign to do with corn but I am looking for something that doesnt have corn in it. I know corn is a source of protein, but this protein type is unable to be digested by cats. I was told that by a vet. My neighbours recently started buying cat food called “chicken soup for the pet lover’s soul” Adult CAT Light Formula, the ingredients are and nutrition are listen on this site:
Is this any better for my cat than the Royal Canin? There is no corn in this food.
I live in a small place in Nova Scotia Canada, nearest centre in Port Hawkesbury. I know there is a place called Tidy Tails that sells the Chicken Soup. I am wondering if my cats would take to only wet food. they like it but seem to eat more of the dry, and that does concern me. If you could help me find a place near me that sells the other brands you have mentioned I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
I looked at the ingredients in the Chicken Soup dry food. Is the starch coming from the white rice? I didnt see actual starch listed but I am wondering what ingredient supply’s the starch

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Yes the Chicken soup for the cat lovers soul is a much better food than the Canin. Canin is ok, but Chicken soup is better. Even better is EVO or Nature’s Variety Instincts. Now, my other advice is to get rid of kibble all together as they must put in starches to process it and move to wet food. Not telling you what to do, but wet is much better. I would still use EVO and Nature’s Variety Instincts for the wet food.

I’ve done tons of research on cat foods and these are the two best brands I can find.

The Chicken soup is very good too though. There are a lot of good brands and I think the best thing to do is get away from places where you normally buy food, such as petsmart, vet, and regular stores and find a local pet store that carries these brands. I have to go to a local pet store for these brands. If you give me you city I can help look one up for you.

Yes, it’s coming from the rice and it doesn’t matter if your cats prefer the dry, you have the control over what they eat. If you only feed them wet, well, then they only get wet! Ok, let me go look online to see if I can find you a store. I’m sure this store has these brands or very decent wet brands. They probably carry Chicken Soup for the Soul wet too which is very good food.

Not a lot around your parts is there. LOL. Here is another store I found You might want to try look on this site. Now don’t worry if you can’t find my exact brands, ok. The Chicken Soup is good and all you really need to know is that to stay absolutly away from there words.

Corn meal.
Anything saying CORN.
Meat byproduct.
Meat Meal.

Shy away from other grains

Things to look for in a quality cat food:

The actual name of the meat, such as Chicken, beef, Lamb, rabbit, ect.

chicken, beef, rabbit, ect. meal.

Good to have an organ such as liver or heart in there.

Added vitamins and minerals.

A standard meat should be the first ingredient!

There’s always this option too-

So amazon is always an option too.

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  1. Well, corn gluten is partially digestable by cats, it’s a protein and the cat can digest it as a protein. You’ve seen the gluten if you’ve eaten corn on the cob, it’s the tiny oval smidge that is often left behind when you eat off the cob, shaped like a yellow sesame seed. It’s not as digestible as a meat based protein, but is is useable.

    All OTHER corn parts are NOT digestable by a cat, so when the other parts are added, it’s basically filler that the cat will have go right through them, which offers no nutrition whatsoever, and a waste of money on your part. It’s usually added whole into dog foods, not so much with cat foods in the canned versions, but dry foods may be using it more than you think. The ‘corn meal’ or ‘corn’ would be the whole kernel.

    It really depends on where in the label it falls. Ingredients are listed from largest to smallest. If it’s halfway down the list it could be used as a binder agent for something, not necessarily as just corn itself.

    But corn can be bad for your cat if he/she is diabetic because the sugars in it will be recognized by the body and throw off the cat’s diabetic control, causing their blood sugar to rise.

    Good brands are ones like EVO, Wysong Vitality, Wellness, Wellness Core and Royal Canin Siamese 38. Most pet supply stores carry all these brands.

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