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Calorie Restriction started at middle age extends lifespan of mice. Videos of the mice from both groups are included in the video, and the CR mice appear to be very active in comparison to the ad lib fed group.
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  1. “I don’t have high hopes for bona fide calorie restriction
    in humans.”

    – Aubrey de Grey, May, 2008 (Methuselah Foundation)

  2. I like this video a lot! thank you : )

  3. There was another study where mice on a normal diet were supplemented with antioxidants like coq10, and there was no difference b/t them and the normal fed mice w/o supplements.

  4. Not quite true. First that was resveratrol, not CoQ10, second, the resveratrol canceled the negative effects of high calorie diet, but not prolonged the life in the way the calorie restriction does. Longevity effects of resveratrol aren’t quite clear yet.

  5. Actually the mice is so active, while she is in foraging state. If an animal get to hungry, it run wild around in hope to find anything to eat.

  6. Stonewalljackson7

    Oh well, if Aubrey said it , it must be true!

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