Cure for Doggie Anxiety?

Pittman & Davis


Friends and Pet Parents,

Have you heard of the Thundershirt? I love this concept for treating dog anxiety and I love the good people at this company. Mostly, I love how it has stopped Lexie's panic when we have visitors and when we go to the vet's (she used to get so worked up that she would tremble non-stop and they wanted to put her on risky blood-pressure meds!). I am not into medicating unless absolutely necessary so I decided to give the Thundershirt a try, and what a difference this has made for my Lexie.

I'm convinced Thundershirts save relationships and lives. Wearing a tight-fitting Thundershirt is like getting a big hug — it puts constant but gentle pressure on a dog's torso. It has a calming effect, maybe due to a release of endorphins. It involves no medication and is inexpensive. Lexie's Thundershirt worked immediately, as it has for more than 80 percent of dogs who have tried it for thunder, separation anxiety and more.

Pet Warehouse Direct highly recommends Thundershirt because so many pet parents struggle with their dogs' anxiety (and end up relinquishing their pooches to shelters when they can't manage). The folks at Thundershirt are strong adoption advocates and are working on a lifesaving program to shirt anxious shelter dogs. If you or a friend has a pooch who needs a Thundershirt, click here.

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