Dangerous Pet Products?


KNBC Joel Grover Investigation. Dangerous Pet Products.
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  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @eurobarbiegirl n to ALL DOG AND CAT LOVERS: Do you want to get rid of them fleas etc.. well, there is a secret that it seems like not everyone knows. Okay, instead of using scary products, what I use is just regular COLD water! Yep, it does the job. these fleas and tics got on me sooo many times right, well warm water didnt take them off, but when i tried COLD water, they just fall right off and they came off eaisly. even my dog loves to take cold water baths even in the winter time.

  3. Look everyone the safest way to get rid of the fleas tics etc.. just bathe your pets in cold water. this will make the fleas tics come right off and or easy to come off. these fleas and tics sometimes gets on me and i took real cold shower and they just fall right off. so then i started washing my pet in cold water, you can see them tics come off floating dead.

  4. Okay here is how I do it, but just remember I am not responsible for anything. This is only up to you if you want to do like what i do. For Cats: *Get a bucket that your cat can fit in and when he/she stands his/her head will only be sticking out. *2nd fill up the bucket with regular Cold water from the tub, sink etc.. *3rd have a tweezer handy. *4th have a towel ready or cloth. 5th dont use flea shampoo, use regular shampoo for people’s hair. i use pantine-it makes their coat shine n silky.

  5. ok *6 wear gloves so that the tics and flea cant really sense your heat. *7th explain to your pet what are you going to do and aplogize to him/her n I also aplogize to God. *then 8th grab you cat’s front legs and back legs together and dip your cat into cold water, keep on talking to him/her to clam them down. keep on holding them in the water keeping his/her head above the water. have another person rub the cat’s back, belly etc.. You will see the tics floating in the water n tiny tiny fleas.

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