Darwyn Cooke-How DC and Marvel must change; COMIC BOOK SYNDICATE

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The Comic Book Syndicate interviews Darwyn Cooke! “… stop catering to the perverted needs of 45 year old men…” _______________________________________ The Comic Book Syndicate is the world’s FUNNEST comic book review show! Available on television and the web! Visit us: comicbooksyndicate.com Like us facebook.com Follow us: twitter.com Email: [email protected]
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24 comments on “Darwyn Cooke-How DC and Marvel must change; COMIC BOOK SYNDICATE

  1. Darwyn Cooke is so awesome.

  2. ComicBookSyndicate

    Yes, he is.

  3. Also, J Bone confirmed in a statement he WASN’T talking about Batwoman, with regards to the lesbian comment, which he thinks is a “first rate” comic. I dunno if that was pointed out but I just had to check up on that!

  4. ComicBookSyndicate

    Somewhere among these 284 comments, that post by J. Bone was quoted. Cooke also made it clear that he had nothing against homosexuality, only with taking a pre-existing character and changing their orientation for shock value.

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