Did anyone else get an email from “William Saelak” about writing for a “Vetinfo” website?

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Question by Café Mocha Valencia: Did anyone else get an email from “William Saelak” about writing for a “Vetinfo” website?
This is part of an email I received the other day:

“I was recently browsing Yahoo! for “Best Answers” on Pets and came across your account! Your passion, experience, and contributions are precisely the type of profile that Internet Brands is looking for. Since you were already contributing freely, I thought you might be interested in getting paid for all of your hard work!

I was wondering if you would be interested in a freelance writing position with our company. You will be helping pet owners answer questions on one of our websites (vetinfo.com) – which is a leading provider of pet health content that helps pet owners understand diseases, disorders, and health maintenance requirements of their animals. You would also be answering various other pet-related questions.”

When you go to that website it says that VETS are who are responding to your questions. I’m NOT a vet – I’m an accountant and a musician and though sure – I can hand out good advice about pet care I find it very disturbing – and unethical – that they asking NON-vets to answer the questions.

Anyone else received an email from this person/talked to this person? I emailed them back asking about why they were wanting me when I wasn’t a vet – and received no response.
john – euthanasia, of course. It’s FAR cheaper to just get a new one! 😉 Try the shelter’s Scratch and Dent bin!

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Answer by Bebe ❤
Omg, yes!!! It is sooooooooooo annoying. Just ignore it hehe


*Cats are smart so even rats open lion’s envelope’s*

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5 comments on “Did anyone else get an email from “William Saelak” about writing for a “Vetinfo” website?

  1. i’ve no idea if they tried because I just realised the e-mail address that was connected to that was an old one that doesnt work.
    But thank you for passing along this info. That is disturbing that they’re recruiting non-professionals to pretend to be vets to try to attract visitors and bump up their ad revenue.

    re impersonators, JC is right about the strange answers from some people who say they are vet techs. and I used to be a “Top Contributor” in Languages and you should see the ridiculous answers by people who claim to be native French speakers and then give hilariously bad translations probably from Auto Translators!

  2. Yep, I got one too. Deleted it.

  3. This sounds like another Nigerian Lottery Scam.I have a policy.If I don’t know you;you will not get a reply.

    Now Dr.Mocha;about that sprained paw I got from playing kitten golf;I can’t afford a vet…..

  4. No, and there is no way to contact me through this forum anyway.

    I contribute to try and pass along my experience and knowledge to help others. I would have no interest in making it anything other then optional.

    And I don’t see how they would actually get a vet to become a paid contributor.

    There are actually some pretty good sites run by several pet food manufacturers, who rely on experts in the field of vet care and behavioral sciences.

    A drawback to the Yahoo! forum is that is really is not moderated. And it is really doubtful that any vets regularly go to this forum. And some who claim to be vet techs sometimes give answers that seem, to put it mildly, rather strange. But there are those who really know what they are talking about, and I am sure help people.

  5. SiNg In ThE rAiN! (:

    YES and I am not even a vet or out of school yet or a best answerer but i love cats and have tons of experience.

    I did not reply because i thought it would be a scam or possibly a virus.

    I am positive there are TONS of vets on here so why are they targeting us? but whatever

    glad i am not the only one.

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