Did my hamster choke to death?

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Question by LittleMew: Did my hamster choke to death?
This morning I woke up and the 1st thing I did was to check on my hamsters. Then I found out they spilled their water everywhere so I was about to change the bedding until I heard a small squeaking noise and rushed to Cotton’s cage to check it out. She was lying in her food bowl and squeaked like she was in pain. I was terrified and picked her out, and she was like jelly (no bones like). I called Mom in and asked what’s wrong with her, and she said “maybe she has some illness”, but she was perfectly fine, and I was like wait a min that looks like choking because she was almost coughing and a baby on top of that. So we put her in sitting position and pet her throat so the food can go down, then gave her some water, but her body constricted and she passed away. Could it have been choking hazard? I gave her normal food such as corn, flower seeds, gains etc (bought it from pet store) like every other hamsters and they were fine for 2 years. I feel so sorry cuz I couldn’t save her while she was right there.

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sounds like homicide or should i say hamstercide

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  1. EverythingHamster

    Sounds like an accident to me. It’s not your fault. Humans can choke on foods they should eat and pass too. It’s something you couldn’t of controlled. She/he probably swallowed but got stuck in it’s throat or went down the wrong tube. It’s not your fault. I am so sorry for your loss. It is always really hard losing a hamster. :/ RIP Cotton

  2. yes it sounds like that, i would suggest feeding your other hamsters something a bit smaller because if it happens again its easier to save it. dont feel bad you didnt know what was happening.

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